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Second Breath develops innovative testing equipment for respiratory protective devices (RPD). Equipment, that was developed decades ago, is used in Russia nowadays.

Our research team has professional knowledge and skills concerning all stages of RPD life cycle – from development to recycling.

Our major advantage is hi-tech knowledge and its practical application. The most recent digital components and solutions are used in our equipment.

We know how to take into account needs and desires of our partners, which allows us to improve the quality of our equipment constantly, tune up and upgrade its operation.



TEST BENCH area of application

We have created a test bench for a wide range of users:


 1) Test bench for RPD developers

 - RPD specifications, its working parts and elements checkout and testing;


2) Test bench for RPD manufacturers

- testing of RPD working parts and elements including all stages of development by third parties;

-  RPD acceptance and type tests;


3) Test bench for certification centers and labs:

 - certification tests;

- RPD quality monitoring;

-  comparison tests for similar RPDs;


 4) For consumers Oxi robot 4.0

 - self-rescuer acceptance control;

- self-rescuer quality monitoring during the whole service life;

- the ability to expand the storage and operation period on the basis of personal test results (on Developer’s agreement);


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Test bench advantages
Easy handling
Test bench allows the operator to master all its capabilities. The completeness of the test bench technical and program solutions allows for automatic operation mode on the basis of the set program storing all necessary data immediately after performed tests.
The cost of our test bench is rather lower comparing to any other offer in this industry. Modern technologies in design and modeling allowed us to reduce the cost for end costumer by several times. It must be emphasized that the low price doesn’t affect the test bench quality or tests performed on it.
In addition to the above, the test bench operates automatically – without human’s corrective intervention. Therefore the possibility of making “manual” change in test results as well as influencing testing process is excluded.
We are not RPD manufacturers and do not support any RPD manufacturer. This fact allows us to create a test bench for objective assessment of any self-rescuer independently of its model and designation.
The versatility of the test bench is reached due to the support of test modes provided according to worldwide standards. The test bench software and technical capabilities allow implementing more complicated algorithms and test modes.
The mobility of the test bench, i.e. its weight and overall dimensions allow conducting tests in any space equipped with ventilation and electricity. Also, due to the test bench mobility, its quick transportation from one venue to another is possible.
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